School Administrators To Be Recounted Ahead Of 2017-2021 CBA Implementation

School Administrators To Be Recounted Ahead Of 2017-2021 CBA Implementation

Last Updated at: 2020-06-17 17:06:52

The Teachers Service Commission has accused the country directors of submitting false information to the commission ahead of the final phase of 2017-2021 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that is scheduled to kick off on July. The chief excecutive oficer Nancy Macharia claims that the number of  headteachers, their deputies and senior teachers ahead provided to the commision by countrydirectors is cooked hence calling for a quick and accurate recount for institutional administrators who were on duty as at June 30, 2017.

“It has been established that some of you provided inaccurate and misleading data leading to erroneous conversion. Classroom teachers were converted to grades exclusively reserved for institutional administrators, teachers serving as deputy or senior teachers were wrongly captured as head teachers while in other instances, staffing levels in terms of required administrators in a school exceeded the optimum establishment contrary to the established norms,” reads the circular by Ms Macharia.

“Consequently, you are hereby directed to critically analyse the said data and re-confirm all institutional administrators serving in your respective counties per school and college,” Macharia said. The inacurate and unreliable institutional administrators' data base at the head office according to the CEO Nancy Macharia, has negatively affected the operation of the TSC in terms of payroll management and the process of selection, appointment and deployment of new institutional administrators.

A hundred thousand teachers in Grade B5 (previously P1) who will automatically be promoted to Grade C1 starting July with Sh7 billion having been set aside for the exercise. Grade B5 teachers who earn a basic salary of between Sh21,756 and Sh27,195 will be smiling all theway to the bank with between Sh27, 195 and Sh33, 994. A total of 29,782 teachers fall in C1 (primary teacher I and secondary teachers II) while 19,439 fall in C2 (secondary teacher II and secondary teacher UT and primary special need education teacher).

During the budget allocation on Thursday, Teachers Service Commission was allocated Sh266 billion whereby they are expected to spend Sh257.97 billion in teacher resource management. The CBA for the school administrators is expected to cost sh15 billion. About 100,000 principals, their deputies, headteachers and senior teachers will enjoy the new pay rise starting July. Classroom teachers received their pay rise in two phases.

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