Roles of Teachers unions in Kenya, Pros and Cons and the Simple procedure of registration.

Roles of Teachers unions in Kenya, Pros and Cons and the Simple procedure of registration.

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Teachers unions are organizations formed to protect and advance the collective interests of teachers and other education workers.

Roles of Teachers Unions
The following are the roles of Teachers Unions:

To bring together and unite teachers of all grades and qualifications in Kenya and providing a forum for co-operation.

To fight for improved terms and conditions of service for teachers and protecting teachers interests.

Promoting programmes aimed at improving teachers’ welfare or socio-economic status.

Offers assistance to individual members in professional as well as legal matters.

To settle disputes between members of the union or between its members and their employers through collective and constitutional means.

To co-operate with other societies, bodies, unions or organisations within or outside Kenya with similar objectives.

To promote matters leading to the improvement of education and the establishment of a common system of education.

To secure effective representation of the teaching profession on the government, public and private bodies or organizations where such representation may be necessary

What Are the Pros of Teachers Unions?

 Teachers can have a voice on policy.
Teachers’ unions gives teachers a voice in policy decisions that would normally exclude their input, but demand their compliance.

Union fees are often tax deductible.
Although there is a cost to joining a union and those fees can add up for substitute or casual teachers, those fees are tax deductible.

What Are The Cons of Teachers Unions?

A union can lock teachers into bad contracts over long periods

Unions may funnel funds to places that teachers do not support.

It creates a funding cycle that leaves taxpayers out of the equation.

Instead of emphasizing educational opportunities, teachers’ unions are part of a process that changes the school into an economic opportunity

Kenyan Teachers Unions.
There are three unions that represents the interest of teachers in Kenya; KNUT, KUPPET and KEWOTA

Formed on 4th December, 1957, Knut stands as the largest, oldest and most popular teachers union in Kenya drawing a vast population from primary teachers. 


P.O. Box 30407, 00100 Nairobi,Kenya 
254(0) 20 2222701
0710 600981
0710 600983, 
0733 600880

Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers-KUPPET

KUPPET which draws most of its members from secondary school is undeniably the second oldest and secondblargest union in Kenya. It was formed in 1985 with a mission To unite all teachers in post primary institutions in Kenya by advocating for the establishment of sound ethical and professional policies that guarantee job security and fair solutions to members’ grievances through lawful union activities, affiliation, negotiation and research.

Kuppet Website and Contacts:

No: (020) 2715683/4

Kenya Women Teachers Association-KEWOTA

This is the youngest teachers’ union Kenya that only represent the interest of one gender. The association draws its members from female teachers employed in the education. Kenya Women Teachers Association was founded to enhance the lives of female teachers socially, career-wise and financially.

KEWOTA Website and Contacts:

PHONE: +254 786 486 681
OFFICE: 5th floor, Nextgen mall.

You can join any union of your choice by processing your application via the TSC T-Pay online portal. 

What is T-Pay?

T-Pay is an online service provided by the TSC portal that allows teachers registered under the commission to 

Accessing the Monthly payslips.

Accessing and Downloading the P6 form used for filing yearly tax returns with KRA ( Kenya Revenue Authority)

Sending payslips to financial institutions.

Approving deductions from one’s pay; loans and BBF deductions among others.

Tracking deductions effected on salaries.

Joining Teachers Welfares, SACCOS, BBF and Associations.

Procedure on how to join your preferred Union, SACCO, Welfare, Association.

Below the simplest and quickest way to make your application for recruitment to a preferred union, Welfare or Association:

1. Go to 
and Log into your account by using your TSC number and Password.

2). Select ‘Click here to send your payslip’.

3). Select ‘SWA’ under the ‘Select 3rd Party’ box.

4). Make your selection from the listed Categories under the ‘Select Company’ box.

5). Click ‘Send Payslip’ to complete the application.

6). A message will be displayed on your screen stating, ‘Payslip for this Month has already been Sent to 3rd Party’ . This is confirmation that you have successfully made your application.

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