Kuppet Petition Against Minet for Breach Of Agreement And Poor Services.

Kuppet Petition Against Minet for Breach Of Agreement And Poor Services.

Last Updated at: 2020-06-15 13:08:38

Over the past few days, Teachers have taken their bitter frustration on Tweeter due to what they term as "injustice in the hands of the rogue employer and useless unions." Just a few days ago a Principal died of Covid-19 after being denied access to Agha Khan Hospital for specialised treatment. In this case life was lost at the expense of money. 

Some of the institutions mentioned to be frustrating teachers when it comes to accessing services include; Agha Khan Hospital which denied the late principal access to treatment services, TSC Kenya, AON which  claimed that the principal did not register for the medical scheme despite deducting the money for the said teacher every month. 

As the teachers wake up each morning to protest for a better health cover and enrollment to a comprehensive NHIF cover, Nyeri KUPPET through it's Nyeri Branch has written to the Regional Manager of  MINET Kenya Insurance Brokers Limited, petitioning against breach of agreement and poor services to teachers.

In his letter the Nyeri Branch KUPPET Executive Secretary Mr Patrick Maina wrote the following:

"I wish to register my disappointment for having your side breach our agreement on provision of service to teachers of Nyeri County. Notwithstanding my continued engagement and agreeing with the county, regional and even the national offices of Minet, the following issues have fallen on deaf ears or received indifference from Minet side.


The pre-authorization process has remained a menace to our teachers. Our teachers have more than once reported disappointment due to very long time of wait before the sald exercise is completed.


However minute the problem may be for the patient, the procedure to get completed and hence to release the teacher /patient take hours. If the problem required emergency handling an untold repercussion would likely occur.


For clearance of bills involving inpatient, the waiting has become the order of the day. A patient waits for hours to have the process completed. I have spent much time while intervening for such to see them through


Inspite of my persistence in reminding your side that we still need more service providing facilities, the situation has remained the same. We agreed that facilities like outspan, Mathari and Jami would be added to the number for better service provision. These facilities have

crucial services in the likes of MRI and scans but your side has continued holding the teachers at

ransom limiting them to dictated and not agreed upon facilities which are quite inadequate. 


Nyeri Bliss is a total mess 


Apart from waiting for too long to be served at Bliss, the frames offered for choice by the teachers is of very low quality. Waiting time is extremely long, some going for months before the teachers get their spectacles. The optical facilities are also inadequate exposing teachers to danger of completely destroying their eyesight. I demand that, while I expect bliss to improve on the above, other facilities including Lions and Batian be included for my assessment is that these provide services far above bliss and their spectacles are not only quality, commensurate to teachers capitation, but also have advanced optical facilities fit for our esteemed teachers. 

(b) DRUGS.

More often than not teachers have come to bliss for treatment and gone home without

drugs, being asked to come back after a few days for the same. This is the worst scenario for a teacher who comes due to heath issue and has to postponed medication first because drugs are not available presently.

As if that is not enough ., some teachers have been given drugs in piece meal. This teacher comes back to the facility more than twice hence, for the same problem due to bliss' inefficiency. 


The bureaucracy involved in referral of teachers to other facilities is very tedious, taking quite long at a time when the teacher requires quick handling.

That notwithstanding, the invoicing is another snag. Hardly does the teacher know how much one spends and how much remains. That aside, the treatment bill has been reported

to be too exorbitant, making the teachers suspicious of inflation of the same 


The increased capitation for teachers demands for improved services in that light, I hereby demand that the above issues be looked upon forthwith before the teachers themselves come out to demand for what is rightfully theirs.

I am looking forward to your consideration and necessary action.

Kind regards, 


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Anonymous User Jun 12, 2020 | 13:09:09

Total mass at muranga. We are no longer accepted by facilities that used to.


Anonymous User Jun 12, 2020 | 08:18:06

Service providers have not been paid since the scheme started this year, they register frustrations and currently cant offer treatment to teachers


Anonymous User Jun 12, 2020 | 04:57:29

I was given googles instead of spectacles


Anonymous User Jun 12, 2020 | 03:56:43

Support Patrick teachers are suffering.


Anonymous User Jun 11, 2020 | 18:40:42

This is replicated all over. Where are the national bosses?