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Telegram channels are the easiest way to connect with each other. There are many telegram users around the world. Kenya is a country where telegram is one of the trending apps. Kenya people are like the app’s interface and they want to connect with various Kenyan channels. Here, in this post, we are going to share the best Educational telegram Kenya channels/Groups today.

1. TEACHERS UPDATES (6000+ Teachers)


This is the No.1 best Channel for Teachers. It gives daily Teachers Updates on Job Linkups, transfers, Teaching and learning materials and much more for free. It is the kenya’s biggest Teachers Page on telegram.

Join Teachers updates

2. WALIMU KENYA UPDATES. (11.4K+ Teachers)



is the largest Teacher’s group on telegram. With over 11, 400 teachers everything is easy. I call it a Teachers 4 Teachers group because of the generosity bestowed by members. If you are a teacher I promise you this is the best group you can join.


3. WALIMU SWAPS. (1.2K+ Members)

This channel is for Teachers Swaps/Swops (transfers) with over Swaps being posted on daily basis. If you are considering a swap, then this is your channel.

4. Afrika Hackers.

Have you ever wanted to learn some basics and tricks on technology? This Channel will help you learn on cyber security, hacking, cracking. Additionally you will get cracked APks/Softwares.


The name says it all. You can get daily magazines, Ebooks, notes and past papers for free.


Kenya showbiz and latest celebrity news. Always stay informed about celebrity news and gossip, photos, videos, scandals, and more.


Where Kenyans Talk and Share matters of national interest.

8. MATHEMATICS FILES (2,700+ Subscribers.) Free Mathematics teaching and learning resources are found here.

9. Chemistry Files

Free Chemistry notes, past papers, schemes, lesson plans among many other resources.

10. BIOLOGY LIBRARY (2000+ Subscribers).

For everything to do with Biology as a subject. Important teaching and learning resources are posted here. It is almost impossible not to get any resources on this page.

11. WALIMU BOT (14K Subscribers)

This is a very interesting and resourceful bot(robot) which responds to your command by providing you with links and resources. If you’ve tested it you know what I mean.


12. KISWAHILI FILES. (over 1,950 Subscribers)

It is a telegram Library for Kiswahili Ebooks, teaching and learning resources.

13. ENGLISH FILES (1.6K+ Subscribers).

🌀 A Platform for English Files and resources, job linkups, transfers and many more.



14. PHYSICS FILES (1500+ Subscribers)

For Physics files and resources. All resources are for free.

15. HISTORY FILE. (1.2K+ Subscribers)

đź’ History File Store for Teachers Updates group. Our documents are shared documents by the group members. HISTORY SWOOPS, HISTORY VACANCIES, HISTORY FILES đź“‚ (Notes, Schemes, Past Papers e.t.c)


16. GEOGRAPHY FILES (1.2K+ Subscribers)

Platform for sharing GEOGRAPHY FILES and other useful information.


17. BUSINESSES STUDIES LIBRARY (Over 1000 Subscribers.

It is a teachers channel for business studies library. All files are collected from various platforms for easier references.


18. MATHEMATICIANS (Over 1,400 Members)

19. KENYA PRIMARY TEACHERS (Over 1.2K Members).

It is a group of Primary School Teachers in Kenya. Just like Walimu Kenya Updates it offers a platform for teachers to share resources and discuss a lot of issues in the education sector.

20. EDUCATION BLOG. I won’t forgive myself if I won’t post this channel as it is the only Educational channel that I personally own. It is a blog page for education that I think might impress you.



There might be better Educational groups, Channels or Bots that are better than this but actually it is according to my research and opinion that they deserve credit for making a teacher’s work easier. If you have a better group, channel or bot kindly post it on our comment section.

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