18,000 Teachers To Be Trained On CBC in August

18,000 Teachers To Be Trained On CBC in August

Last Updated at: 2020-07-01 16:41:00

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is set to train 18,000 more teachers on Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) before the re-opening of schools. According toTeachers Service Commission (TSC) chief executive Nancy Macharia, suspension of CBC training was met due to the goverment ban on public gathering as a measure to curb the spread of corona virus infections. 

When appearing before the Nassional Assembly on Wednesday to answer concerns by Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma on the interdiction of some 245 teachers over accusations of incitement and disruption of CBC teacher-training sessions, Nancy Macharia confirmed that the Commission is planning to train about 6,000 Grade three and Grade five CBC teachers. She said if all goes on well, another 12,000 special needs teachers will be trained this year in August.

According to TSC book of register, a total of 339,743 CBC teachers have been trained since April, while more than 200 teachers have been suspended over defiance to their bosses and incitement against the CBC training organised by the Ministry of Education and Teachers Service Commision. 42 teachers were then sacked with another 30 teachers recieving warning letters following the disruption to the CBC training. Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) defended and called the reinstation of the suspended and sacked teachers but alll was in vain.

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma had accused the TSC of discriminaton and punishing teachers exercising their democratic rights. Dr Nancy Macharia defended herself claiming that some of the accused teachers had presented  enough evidence to support their absence. She said some teachers teachers claimed they did not recieve the invitation letters while some presented medical report in their mitigation against punishment which led to different determinations against individuals as some interdictions were revoked.

She however noted that the case of 47 teachers who appealed will be heard and determined when the Commission Disciplinary Committee meet.

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