TSC Moves To Recover Lost Money From Teachers

TSC Moves To Recover Lost Money From Teachers

Last Updated at: 2020-06-19 05:32:28

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has moved to recover lost money from teachers who were promoted irregularly and earned hefty perks. Teachers Service Commission (TSC) CEO Nancy Macharia has said. Most administrators were wrongly captured in the 2017- 2021 CBA database that was signed between the commission and the teachers union, leading to an over-payment and irregular salary raise in the last three years in which ksh 54 billion was to be used for payrise. According to TSC boss Nancy Macharia, the money will be recovered recovered starting from July 1. 

“It has been established that some of you provided inaccurate and misleading data leading to erroneous conversions,” said TSC chief executive officer Nancy Macharia to the directors. Those who were in job group H were moved to C1, equivalent to job group J. Additionally, all senior teachers who were between job group G-K were moved to C2, equivalent to job group K.  Deputy headteachers in G-L were moved to C4, equivalent to job group M. All headteachers who were in G-L were moved to C5, an equivalent of job group N and all headteachers in M and N were moved to D1, an equivalent of job group P.

Normal teachers were mistakenly elevated to higher positions leading to a higher pay rise that they did not deserve. According to the signed CBA, chief principals were to be rewarded between KSh 121,814 to KSh 157,6567. Senior principals were to get between KSh 109,249 and KSh 118,169 while ordinary principals were supposed to be paid between KSh93,850 and KSh 102,807. Deputy principals and senior were wrongly captured as principals  therefore leading to salary adjustments.

“You are required to carefully study the list and identify teachers who are not correctly placed or are not performing administrative functions yet their names appear as such in the database,” read part of the statement.

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