Reopening Dates For Universities And TVETs Pushed To January 2021

Reopening Dates For Universities And TVETs Pushed To January 2021

Last Updated at: 2020-08-03 10:45:05

Education Ministry has today on Thursday, Jul 30, 2020 released an update on education pertaining Covid-19 containment protocols. President Kenyatta had earlier on directed CS Magoha and his team to clarify to Kenyans on the status of Kenya's education. 

Education ministry held a meeting today with stakeholders to discuss the preparation for the scheduled reopening of TTC's, universities and TVETs. Considering the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, t was in agreement that teachers' training colleges, universities and TVETs will reopen for face-to-face learning together with the basic education sector in January 2021.

It was also revealed that majority of these learning institutions have not achieved the Minimum requirement measures that would allow them to reopen in September. In regard to this education CS Magoha has adviced universities to continue with virtual examination, graduating and learning under the university standards and guidelines. 

Higher Education Loans Board will however continue to facilitate students who undertake virtual learning with required resources and resources. Learning institutions that would wish to reopen a face-to-face learning will only be allowed to do so under the strict guidelines and adherence to the Ministry of Education rules on preparedness. 

A few weeks ago, Dedan Kimathi University and Riara University conducted an on-line graduation ceremony, with Nairobi University and Edgerton University is expeted to follow the graduation trend in July and September respectively. Dedan Kimathi University and KCA University have conducted virtual orientation of new students in the last two months. 

On regarding to forced job leaves of the BOM teachers and non teaching staffs, Magoha has clarified that the government has already put in place enough funds for paying them in a measure of maintaining safety in learning institutions. 

While admitting the fact that not every learner can afford to benefit from virtual learning through internet, radio and television, it was revealed in today's meeting that Basic Education plan is in place for a Nyumba Kumi initiative to take place at no cost. Teachers Service Commission is yet to give guidelines on this. 

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Stefan Aug 9, 2020 | 11:31:05

Is hight time this MoE need to do sth positive on these vulnerable trs