Regional Directors To Deploy Schools Heads Under New TSC Guidelines

Regional Directors To Deploy Schools Heads Under New TSC Guidelines

Last Updated at: 2020-06-19 10:31:39

In circular to directors of education, TSC boss Nancy Macharia has announced that the commission has developed guidelines that will effectively enable  Regional directors at the Teachers Service Commission to deploy primary and secondary schools heads, their deputies, senior teachers and other administrators.

This does not include extra-county  and national schools administrators as these will be recruited and deployed by TSC from its headquarters. TSC boss Nancy Macharia said that the aim of the change is to promote efficiency in the appointment and deployment of administrators to public schools.

“The guidelines should be read together with the Commission’s policy on appointment and deployment of institutional administrators, career progression guidelines, the code of regulation and other regulations governing the teaching service,” said Ms Macharia in the circular.

In the new regulations, county directors are responsible of identifying all available administrative vacancies which will then be advertised by the head office The Head office will then short list candidates and send the lists to respective counties.

The regional directors and the respective county directors will be in charge of conducting interviews for selected candidates. The regional directors will then appoint and deploy successful candidates.

In the new changes, primary school teachers will be required to have a maximum of 35 lessons while secondary school teachers will be required to handle 27 lessons per week.

The circular further reveals that a single-stream primary or secondary school, will be headed by one head teacher or principal, a deputy and senior teachers.

A primary school with 10 streams and a maximum of 4,000 pupils will be required to have one head teacher, two deputies and eight senior teachers while a secondary school with 12 streams and a maximum of 2,100 students will only have one principal, two deputies and nine senior teachers.

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