Pregnant School Girls to be Cared for at School Till Delivery - KNUT SG Wilson Sossion

Pregnant School Girls to be Cared for at School Till Delivery - KNUT SG Wilson Sossion

Last Updated at: 2020-09-24 04:54:23

Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Secretary General Honourable, Wilson Sossion, has said that learners are safer at school than at home.

The KNUT Sec-Gen was speaking during a press release at the KNUT headquarters on 22nd September 2020. He urged the media to be the champion of human rights in the country noting that KNUT is committed to ensuring that the gender rule is adhered to in all of its branches.

The union of teachers now says students and pupils will be safer in schools than at home. This is according to KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion. This comes a day after the Teachers Service Commission directed all teachers to report to schools by next week on Monday 28th September 2020.

However, he says the teachers are required to be keen in ensuring that both boys and girls in schools are treated equally upon a school's resumption. He emphasized that there are no negotiations or debates about that matter since the union has committed itself as Kenya's representatives.

He claimed that there will be a lot of work to do in school in terms of preparations. "One of the key preparations we are urging teachers to do is to begin developing a checklist of mapping out all the learners and identifying some of the challenges they might have had at home," Sossion said.

Sossion adding that Kenyan teachers have the best skills, instruments, and capacity to know what has happened to every child and to develop the necessary psychosocial support to the affected learners.

Sossion called all the pregnant school girls to report back to school promising them a warm welcome and maximum support till delivery even if it means giving them medical attention.

He observed that such pregnant school girls must be provided with nutritional support as well as medical care. He added that such girls will be linked to the medical facilities together with COVID-19 support.

Teachers to ensure that boys and girls, whether pregnant or not, will report back to school in spite of the challenges and situations they may have faced during this Coronavirus pandemic.

The Executive Director of Gender Violence Recovery Centre, Alberta Wambua, advised as the kids are used to 2-month holidays at most, 7 months holiday could be stressful for homeschooling.

Janet (Gender Desk) announced that they have sensitized other education stakeholders such as the Teachers Service Commission and other non-governmental organizations on gender-based violence.

Her sentiments were echoed by Alice Tuwei of KNUT who claimed that they have established centres where victims of gender-based violence in all schools can report to.

Tuwei added that the union is lobbying against gender-based violence in the nation in different ways including training the participants.

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Madina Oct 22, 2020 | 16:01:01

Kama shule haina darasa la wanafunzi watahiniwa,na walimu wote wako shuleni,hamhisi Kuwa ni seals gumu Kuwa idle tafadhali


Mercy Karanja Oct 7, 2020 | 17:38:29

Amazing, thanks Teachers Updates for understanding what we really want. I have found the merit list for Mombasa County and I am confident I will win that position. Lets meet on ground fam 🙏

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 Oct 21, 2020 | 15:29:49


Hendrick Oct 5, 2020 | 08:49:34

Is there a county called Bungoma in this country??Why ist not reflecting there please.

Reply[SHOW] Replies (2)

 Oct 17, 2020 | 06:27:53

Yes l come from Bungoma County, located in western region. Is among luhya based county, neighborhood to Trans Nzoia county,Kakamega county Vihiga county and Busia

 Oct 5, 2020 | 16:10:54

Yes we have Bungoma cou2

BARRAK WERE Sep 17, 2020 | 13:40:54

That number nine i think is fake, and why do they want all these documents and yet we scanned and send to them, it is just a formality which disadvantages other, most of the doctors are on strike, who will fill that form, why not private hospitals? Even the public hospital doctors do not examin, they just fill the form, what they yearn for is just money.


jay Sep 14, 2020 | 12:06:01

Fake announcement NO money was released to pay BOM teacher #PAYBOMSALARY

Reply[SHOW] Replies (2)

 Oct 12, 2020 | 10:02:34

I work under BOM and I was paid, consult with your principal.

 Sep 19, 2020 | 06:15:37

They should be employed instead

Ro Officio Sep 12, 2020 | 08:56:03

Wat happened to FAKE case Zack kìnùthia. FAKE is his word as he is #Paybomteachers #bomteachersdemonstrations


Ro Officio Sep 12, 2020 | 08:56:02

Wat happened to FAKE case Zack kìnùthia. FAKE is his word as he is #Paybomteachers #bomteachersdemonstrations

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 Oct 1, 2020 | 16:40:43


 Sep 25, 2020 | 13:56:51

We aint

Ro Officio Sep 12, 2020 | 08:55:33

Wat happened to FAKE case Zack kìnùthia. FAKE is his word as he is #Paybomteachers #bomteachersdemonstrations

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 Oct 9, 2020 | 09:47:00

The money honestly speaking was paid.I am a bom teacher and I received the boom

 Sep 20, 2020 | 10:40:51

Hapo sisemi kitu🙄

Weta Makio Sep 9, 2020 | 05:28:50

They should open schools.. Enough looting has been done in the two ministries to benefit a few individuals... They should not kill the education of the common child when their kids are learning online

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 Sep 15, 2020 | 04:38:23

Just help us to learn online

Erick Sep 6, 2020 | 11:05:03


Reply[SHOW] Replies (4)

 Sep 8, 2020 | 11:06:34

Hoping that this has reached the teachers are depressed.

 Sep 6, 2020 | 16:11:22

Where do BOG trainers in tvet institutions fall here, are they included too?

 Sep 6, 2020 | 14:22:31

Coushion Tvet Bom teachers too life is getting hard n hard every day

 Sep 6, 2020 | 11:52:43

MOE CS should resign with his advisors

Evangeline Ngoci Sep 5, 2020 | 13:57:57

Yes , as a tvet bom teacher am almost giving up in life, please Prof. Magoha help us

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 Sep 10, 2020 | 13:21:56

What is up to date?

 Sep 10, 2020 | 08:21:07

What you told as date of reopen school