Magoha: Implementation Of Sports Policy In Schools Greatly Hindered By Lack Of Inadequate Facilities

Magoha: Implementation Of Sports Policy In Schools Greatly Hindered By Lack Of Inadequate Facilities

Last Updated at: 2021-06-10 00:12:49

Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Prof. George Magoha Wednesday scaled in on the stadiums' matter during the launch of the inaugural Physical Education (PE) and Sports Policy for basic education at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD).

Magoha ordered the re-introduction of physical education in all schools and urged members of the parliament (MPs) through the National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) to improve sporting facilities to further expedite the implementation of the new policy.

He said, even although they have roped Sports counterparts into the programme, the complete implementation of Curriculum-Based Competency (CBC) lies considerately on legislators through CDF.


“The President instructed us (Ministry of Education) to work closely with the Ministry of Sports to ensure the curriculum and the assessment of sports and the academies are standardized.

"This is now a window for all the members of parliament together with the governors to come together and make sure that we’ve 47 international standard stadiums. This can be done within one year because the one in Kisumu (Kisumu International Stadium) was done within five months and some of the money from NG-CDF can be applied to ensure we’ve facilities which will be available for our children to act as libraries,” he said.

Magoha, though, did not mention the possible return of inter-school sports tournaments even as he advised learners and parents to take sports seriously.

“Our people in Kenya have various sports talents and that has clearly attested to by the massive global presence of our athletes and I think this is one thing that will ensure that we trigger good facilities for sports children to get massive scholarships to go abroad to study sports science,” he added.

Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) officials on May this year submitted proposals to the Ministry of Education over how the disrupted school games programmes can be recovered.

President Kenyatta banned co-curricular activities in all schools for 90 days in January when schools reopened, 10 months after closure due to covid-19.




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