Nominations are open for the Commonwealth Education Awards 2021.

Nominations are open for the Commonwealth Education Awards 2021.

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Nominations are open for the Commonwealth Education Awards 2021. 

  • Two winners will receive the awards at the Commonwealth  Conference of Education Ministers taking place in Kenya in March 2021.  
  • Awarded and commended examples will be promoted on the Commonwealth website and/or other media. 

The Commonwealth Education Awards showcase the innovative and  successful education and learning initiatives that are being conducted in 54 member countries. By recognising excellence and innovation, The Commonwealth Awards hope to support member countries in their endeavours of providing quality education for all, highlighting the great work of education  
professionals and to signal the key role of education and learning in achieving sustainable development.

Exceptional educators and organisations leading cutting edge-learning and teachings projects can enter in six categories:

  1. Rethinking education in emergencies including pandemics
  2. Rethinking education for work
  3. Rethinking education for sustainability
  4. Education as pathways to peace
  5. Education for inclusion
  6. Outstanding teacher or school leader

Awards Process 

There will be four finalists who will benefit from recognition and publicity around their work.

Two winners will receive sponsorship to  
attend the 21CCEM in Kenya: the top project entry will receive the Pan Commonwealth Award.

The best teacher or school leader will receive the Outstanding Award. 

 The awards ceremony will take place as part of the opening ceremony of the 21CCEM where the winners will receive an engraved plaque and a certificate. 

Guidance notes for completing the application form 

  •  Make sure you answer all the questions and provide all the  information requested.  
  • Be succinct. Whilst there is a word limit, make your points clear and concise within that.  
  • Convey to the jurors how the project has made a difference. Provide powerful examples with supporting relevant evidence.  
  • Include a strong learner statement. It will act as a powerful  evidence to demonstrate the impact the project has directly had  on learners, highlighting the difference the learning has made in their life.  
  • We strongly invite you to provide a 3-4-minute video using a smartphone or similar device presenting your initiative.  

NB: No professional production is required.

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For more information, contact
The Co-ordinator 
Commonwealth Education Awards 2021 
Social Policy Development Section 
Commonwealth Secretariat 


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