KNEC Discloses Deadline On Uploading Of Scores And Transfers Of Grade 3 And 4 Learners.

KNEC Discloses Deadline On Uploading Of Scores And Transfers Of Grade 3 And 4 Learners.

Last Updated at: 2021-06-08 21:39:19

KNEC Discloses Deadline On Uploading Of Scores And Transfers Of Grade 3 And 4 Learners.

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has issued circular directing schools on the upload of scores and transfer of teachers. 

Grade 4 learners did their Formative Assessments last term. By the 7 of March 2021, KNEC had availed the 2020 Grade 4 Age-Based and Intermediate Level Stage-Based tools for assessment. 

Besides, schools were given until the 19 of March 2021 to upload Grade 4 scores to the KNEC online portal. 



“Schools are therefore expected to download and administer the assessment tools, score and upload the Grade 4 learner’s assessment scores on the KNEC Competency-Based Assessment portal between 8 and 18 March 2021,” KNEC had said. 

Due to challenges faced with the submission of scores, KNEC reviewed the deadline for uploading Grade 4 scores. 

KNEC also helped teachers when they released a circular in January instructing schools on how to administer Grade 2 assessment. 

Grade 3 learners did their KEYA assessment tests this term and uploading of their scores is ongoing. Grade 3 learners are set to join Grade 4 when schools reopen next term. 

The following is KNEC’s circular dated the 2 of June 2021 from Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mercy Karogo to Sub-County Directors of Education.

To: Sub-County Directors of Education (SCDE’s) 


The 2020 assessments for grade four (4) and three (3) were scheduled to take place between 8 to 19 March, and 24 May to 3 June 2021 respectively. Thereafter, the headteachers were expected to upload the learner’s scores online. 

The Kenya National Examinations Council has established that some schools in your Sub-County have not uploaded the grade four (4) learners’ scores online two months after the administration of the assessment. 

In this regard, the Council would wish to inform you that: 

  • The affected schools have been given up to 18 June 2021 to upload the learner’s scores online after which the portal will be closed. Submission of candidates’ scores in hard copies to KNEC will not be allowed.


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  • A list of schools in your Sub-County whose learner’s scores have not been uploaded the learners’ scores have not been uploaded online has been prepared and is attached for your follow up; 
  • Schools facing challenges during the uploading of learners’ scores to communicate in writing through the office of the Sub-County Director of Education to the Chief Executive Officer, KNEC. 
  • The Assessment for the 2020 Grade Three (3) learners is ongoing as per the earlier communication vide circular Ref: KNEC/GEN/TD/CIR/CBA/001 dated 11 January 2021. Please ensure all schools in your Sub County adhere to set deadlines. 
  • Further, you are reminded that you have been given the right to effect transfer(s) of learners for all schools in your Sub-County by accessing the CBA portal using the link The log in credentials is your CP2 username and password. 
  • The Kenya National Examinations Council appreciates your continued support in ensuring learners assessment is carried out successfully. 



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